Sunday, 28 February 2010

Your Disappointment.

I'm up very early this morning , and thought to myself that while its quiet that I would check my mail. Whats this I,ve received mail from my followers filled with disappointment, not that its my fault Iwould like to add!
I believe yesterday was the launch day at Craftrange for the new stamps that I had designed "Molly Blooms" prior to me leaving in January. I agree that an email should have been sent or a quick message on thier blog posted to say that a few problems had occurred and that the stamps being launched this weekend were not available at present.I am sorry some of you had wasted journeys,but since leaving I have not had contact with anyone at Craftrange about the stamps. No the "wonderful"samples! were not my work.
Unfortunatley at present this new range of stamps is only avialable here...

All I can say is watch this space!

Molly may Blossom!


  1. Very cheeky !!! - lol Vanessa

  2. I've finally got my new Molly Blooms and they are worth waiting for. They are yummy scrumptious! Just waiting for the stick and spray to dry then I will be off stamping for an hour or so ready for me to colour in when I have more time tomorrow night. I just can't wait.


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