Friday, 26 February 2010


Good morning everyone, now I don,t want you to think I am being lazy as I haven't posted this week but I've been rather busy with other things and I kind of had designers block!
Now that's its a wet Friday and all of my other task are up to date I kind of feel ready to sit and get the over used copic pens out.... and play, but alas I have to go out and get wet!
I have pre-ordered some of the new Magnolia Hoppy Easter stamps ,not that I send Easter cards but some of them are generic (thats a big word for me), but I especially like the Magnolia Chandeliers. So I can,t wait for my delivery to arrive in a couple of weeks.
Hopefully I will get to play this weekend, and have new suff to showcase next week.
Enjoy your weekend!
Bye for now Clarexxx

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