Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sweet Treats...

DON'T adjust your are not seeing things! YES this is my 4th blog of the month!
How are we all this evening? Only a quick blog tonight as Molly is visiting, she has been working nearby today and can never resist stopping by for supper whenever she is local!
I have had lots of festive things of share with you as I hope to inspire you all to continue with the making of your christmas cards. Although if it is any consolation, I shall let you into a secret...As I went and bought all of mine today!
So let me share with you Fenton and Fifi which have been used on this cute little pocket. I think this would be perfect as a table favour or as a sweet little gift for someone filled with candy canes! This cute coupling is probably one of my favourite designs from the 2012 Christmas range.

Anywho I must dash off... I hope you enjoy,
Clare xxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Noel, Noel

Good Morning!
How are we all today? Hope you have had a lovely weekend so far...for me it has involved a workshop yesterday over at Craft Range in Burnley which was brilliant, thanks to all those who came, I hope you enjoyed it. Today I will be mostly found up a ladder, in the lounge with a's decorating time in our house!
But, before I venture up the ladder I thought I would just pop by and share something festive with you to inspire you for a creative, crafting Sunday!
Hope you like my NOEL! It was so lovely to make, using blah blah George, Santa and his sleigh, along with Roxy who is guiding the way. The tree is simply made up of tightly rolled, patterned paper but I think it works really effectively.
Anywho, my roller is I'm off up my ladder! One quick question before I go...have you all made your Christmas cards yet?!
Have a lovely Sunday,

Monday, 12 November 2012

Back again...

No, you aren't seeing things, here is my second post of the day!!!
I just wanted to share one more chritsmas make with you which is this lovely Christmas bauble...of course Alfie wanted in on the action! I think he was after the pom poms inside.
Clare xxx

Monday, Monday...

Well good afternoon, you lovely bunch!
Hope all is well and that you had a lovely, albeit a wet weekend! I have been super busy over the past few days, as on Friday I headed down to Aylesbury to A Maze of Memories, for a couple of days of demo's and workshops and then on Sunday I was over at The Craft Box in Elsecar for a workshop, very tiring but at the same time it was so lovely to see everyone!
Today though, I'm at home doing a spot of house work and sorting out my studio ready for the week ahead! A clean and tidy house equals a clean and tidy mind, so hopefully in the morning I'll be able to just head into my studio, flick the radio on and do the preparations for Wednesday's workshop over at Grosvenor House Papers in Kendal.
I hate to say it but this time in six... yes SIX weeks it will be Christmas eve! So I thought I would share this festive little card with you...

Roxy takes the cover of the card before you open it up to reveal Molly and George in Santa's sleigh...

Hope you enjoy...I must head back to the hoovering!
Clare xxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oh dear!......................

Good day to you all!
Well its 4.00am in the morning and I sat twiddling my thumbs because I can't sleep so I thought I would catch up on my messages and a little bit of blogging!!!

Thanks you so much for all your lovely comments about the magazine, I hope you have all been inspired to get busy creating for Christmas. Thought I would share with you a little make from yesterdays workshop over at The Craftrange in Burnely. I have used the Christmas Cottage and Fa lah lah Molly from this years Christmas release of stamps. (My photography is getting worst by the minute! where's Molly when she's needed............)

What are you all up to this weekend?or are you at a losse end Well Molly Blooms is on the road again, I am taking part in Sirstampalot, Ultimate 5th Rubber Stamping Demo Day on Saturday over in Peterborough so why not take a trip over and say hi. Otherwise why not visit Craftrange in Burnley who are a holding a Mega Sale over this weekend, with 20% off everything in store and demos galore! so why not be prepared and start your christmas shopping early!

Well that's all for now as I am off to sand my noel!
Clare xXx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

And the Lucky winners are......................

Well done to Linda and Alie de-Vrij-Venenna you are the lucky winners, if you email me your adresses I will get the magazine posted to you within the next couple of days. 
For those that didn't win I am sorry, but If anyone would like to buy a copy I do have some for sale, the cost for the magazine is £7.99 plus £2.99 postage & package. If you are interested in purchasing a magazine just email me at 

Sharon thanks for your comment, I hope this helps you out the publishers have slightly reduced the template so you can either enlarge on a copier machine, or reduce the size of the door to measure 1 1/4 "x 2" for the craft card and then a matt to measure 1"x1 3/4".

Well I am off now to finish building my Ark!
Keep Dry Clare xXx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Blog Candy up for Grabs....................................

A very good morning to you all even if it's very wet and windy!

Just a quick post to let you know that I have a couple of my new magazines up for grabs as blog candy. If you want to be in with a chance to win one, Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of it and I will be back on wednesday to annouce the lucky winners.

Hugs Clare xXx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello, bloggers old and new!

Happy Friday! How are you all this afternoon? Well I hope! Just thought that I would pop by and remind you all that I am still here just extra busy as per usual! Have had weekends full of demo's and workshops and weekdays full of samples and designs...hurrah! I've had lot's of people asking about my new magazine and how you can get hold of it, so for those of you that would like to know it will be in all good craft shops from 20th September. For a list of Molly Blooms rubber stamp stockists who might also be stocking the magazine, click here!

Wouldn't you all agree that this week has been simply glorius, weather wise? Of course it would be the week that all of the kids went back to school, but still it was a perfect weather for some strawberry treats! I haven't really introduced the most recent collection for Summer 2012, so I thought I would do so this afternoon! Molly has grown up a little whilst she goes down to the strawberry patch ready to make some jam, whilst George is still as cheeky as ever checking on his honey bee hive. I'm sure many will have seen them as they were out in the shops a couple of weeks ago, hope you all like them!

It's nearly wine-o'clock, but before I go, I'm going to share this sample with you featuring 'Cosmopolitan Molly', sitting on a pot of juicy, sweet, red strawberries:
Hugs Clare xXx

Monday, 13 August 2012


Morning! I am about bright and early this morning with this post. Thanks for all your comments especially about the up and coming new Molly Blooms Magazine. I am getting a little excited too and can't wait to actually see it in print.
The end of August is fast approching and Christmas crafting is on the horizon which must mean some new Christmas designs. I have already taught my first Christmas workshop and that was back in July....... can you believe? so when Christmas actually arrives I will have been practically crafting Christmas all year... oh what a thought! Was over in Kendal,Cumbria teaching this weekend, had a great bunch of Ladies in the class and they all really enjoyed themselves and guess what? Christmas was not mentioned once, no snowflakes were punched only pretty flowers were created!Well that all for now, must get on with colouring and sorting washing....................... and definately in that order.
Hugs Clare xXx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Can you believe....................

Well it goes a bit like this, time just took over.... deadlines to meet, workshops to prep for and demostrations to travel too! Nearly 2 months later everything is back in order. Molly Blooms Magazine written, Chritmas Bookazine feature done and Christmas designs along with other designs created.
Was on the verge of losing my sanity more than once, now just need to catch up on some much needed sleep. Finally tied all the loose ends up for the Molly Blooms magazine which goes on sale in September. You will be able to purchase it at your local craft shop .... just hope it sells now that I have written it! something else for me to worry about oh no.......
Its been so long since I last posted so maybe no one is out there anymore, or interested but I will leave you with this make at a very recent workshop. I hope you like it.

Well thats all for now and I will be back sooner than before!
Hugs Clare xXx

Monday, 11 June 2012


Sorry I have not been around much of late, but I have been well and truly busy here there and basically every where! So I am really hoping your still out there.

Was over at The Stamp Magic show in Doncaster yesterday, demoing on the "Which Craft" stand, I had a lovely day and even found a little time, when Paula permitted! for a little.... well a medium sized shopping spree. I just need to magic some extra time in the day to have a play with what I purchased.

The card I want to share with you today is one that we made as part of a workshop a couple of weeks ago.  Oh how I like a little paper folding!

Well must dash as I have alot to do and make! and by the way if you fancy a little trip or you live near by...
on Saturday 16th June I am demoing over at Jo Channon's Shop Let's Create in Coningsby, Lincoln.

Have a good Monday
Hugs Clare xXx

This is band that holds the card shut.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Good morning to you all, I know I only posted on Thursday but thought I would catch you all unawares today! Molly moved... a few tears were shed, but we went and visited her yesterday and we took flowers for her new home, it was a funny feeling saying bye and knowing that she wouldn't be in for dinner on Monday evening as usual!

I was out and about teaching workshops at weekend. I met alot of new faces which is always nice and all projects were completed which is always good. I have rather a hectic week in front of me, hence me blogging today while I have 5 minutes, but I do have a day off on Saturday! in aid of my sisters 50th birthday but I am over at Inspirations in preston on Sunday doing a workshop if you have nothing to do.

Today I want to share with you one of our makes from weekend. I can't get enough of these papers from My Minds Eye, I just love the colour combinations Miss Caroline "Howdy Doody" and have worked with them alot recently, I hope you like.

Well I must go now and conjure up Christmas!
Hugs Clare xXx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Today's Small Offering....................

Hello, I am back today with just a small offering of a card made in one of last weekends workshops.It was not the best weekend to be travelling due to the storms and gales, but everyone made it thank goodness. I arrived at my Sunday destination looking rather bedraggled, due to a power cut at the hotel. It was a case of showering by the touch on David's mobile phone. They did manage to lay on a continental breakfast which was eaten by candlelight! which was rather nice.

Anyway I have had the usual busy week designing and preparing for this weekends workshops which are a lot closer to home this week! But must say I am feeling rather glum, as my little girl is moving out over the weekend into a home of her own with her boyfriend. So tomorrow its time for the last supper as Molly & I have named it! because I guess that's what David and I will miss most the banter of the day around the dinning table at night. Told you I was feeling glum as I am beginning to waffle sorry.............

Well thats all for now, have a happy Bank Holiday Weekend
Hugs Clare xXx


Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Morning Winner..................................

Happy Monday Morning............. always comes around very quickly! First things first the lucky winner of the re-drawn candy is ................ Debra James well done if you can email me your address Debra I will get your prize sent off to you.

Had a great weekend workshop in Western and everyone really enjoyed it. Going to  share one of our weekends makes with you today, before I tackle my ever growing Monday morning "To Do" list! before I get side tracked by Molly. Molly's on a weeks holiday this week and has just got back from a "Glamping" weekend. Its been her friends hen weekend and by all accounts so far it was just fab can't wait to see the photo's and the projects made at the stitchery workshop they went to on the Saturday. Just hope the black ear Molly has sustained in a midnight wheel barrow race disappears before Friday, because that's when the Wedding is! Any way must that's enough of my wittering I must away to my list and phone calls.

Hugs Clare xXx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Candy up for Grabs............ agian

Welcome to all my old and new followers! Well Jenny has still not claimed her candy, so I think I will put it up for grabs again, leave me a comment and I will re-draw on Monday after I am back from my weekends travels. Off to Jobo Crafts in Weston-Super-Mare this weekend for workshops, looking forward to it now that I have finally caught up with things this week after being ill,which really took the wind out of my sails and slowed me right down, I even had to take to my bed which is unheard of in my house. It left me terribly behind with my designs, workshops etc, but after burning the midnight oil somewhat this week think I am back on target for this week at least!!!

Find below todays offering, (Apologies for the rubbish photo's) featuering All the fun of the Fair Molly and Molly's Merry-Go-Round and ticket for fun. Hope you like, just remember leave me a comment and you could be in with a chance to win a set of 3 New Molly Blooms Stamps.

Hugs Clare xXx

Friday, 13 April 2012


Well you don't miss something till its gone! I didn't realise how dependant on a computer and the internet one could be, till it all went pear shaped with major problems, only just back on line so I thought I better post something on my blog to show I hadn't totally dissappeared!

Two of the 3 sets of stamps have been claimed from the blog candy, but Jenny if you read this can I please have your address so that I can send you your prize. Today thought I would share this little make with you, great for sending a gift card in!

Well thats all for now, thanks for dropping by
Hugs Clare xXx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Monday, 26 March 2012

And the Winners are........

Good morning to you all, and thank you for so many lovely comments all of which made me smile! You all deserve to win, and the choice was hard so I handed the task over to my hubby to choose.....

The 3 lucky winners are:
Diane, Pamela & Jennifer Couper

Well done ladies if you drop me an email with your addresses I will parcel up your packages and get them off to you.
Nothing to share at this moment, I need to get the camera out! but a hundred & one things to do this morning so will return later to share another make with you.

Happy Monday
Hugs Clare xXx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Blog Candy Give Away......

Roll Up ! Ladies I have blog candy to give away, 3 in all to celebrate the release of the new stamps.
Just leave me comment and you could be in with a chance to be a lucky winner. Each set is the same
and they contain 3 stamps. I will be picking the lucky winners on Monday 26th March.

My little share for today is Molly's Gypsy Caravan, featuring Mystic Molly and a mini mischievous George just peeking out of the caravan.
I hope you like. That's all for now hope you have a sunny Monday and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win some candy!

Hugs Clare xXx


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Roll Up! Roll Up!.......

Morning to all you old and new followers and many thanks for all your lovely comments which I love to read... at least it makes me realise that someone is reading this!

Wanted to share this make with you today. It was Sundays project over at the Paperlane in Northallerton.
Not all the ladies got it completely finished as there was to much measuring and cutting to do which I know you all love! I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. Even though the new stamps have not yet been released to the retailer I have my set, which means you get to have a sneeky play with the new range and can pre-order yours. Not to long to wait for there arrival, check out for your local stockist.

Have a good Tuesday,
Love Clare xXx


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