Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Easter Peg

Well with it being pancake day yesterday it got me thinking that Easter must be around the corner!

For ages I have been after some jumbo pegs...what for I here you ask, well I wasn't entirely sure. Well the other week I was visiting a garden centre with my mum not for plants but for a nice coffee and of course yummy cake, and there they were. So I purchased 3 still not knowing what I really wanted them for.

It's funny how you hanker after things for no reason, anyway back to the story.My 3 jumbo pegs are not enough for me I have to have more! So when Molly went to visit my Parents I asked her to take a major detour and go buy me more jumbo pegs, which she kindly did... another 3.

So I now have 6 Jumbo pegs, for no reason other than I've been after one for ages.Then I took my paint brush to it ,painted it, turned it upside down and decorated it with paper, ribbons and buttons. To top it off I stamped this cute image of Tilda in Bunny suit and coloured it in using my ever faithful copic pens!

And hey presto a rather cute memo/photo holder...


  1. How lovely the book mark is - very pretty! The graduation / study card is lovely - like the distressed edges on the paper.

  2. I love this peg...such an original idea :)

    I'm sure the pictures do not do it justice!



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