Monday, 13 August 2012


Morning! I am about bright and early this morning with this post. Thanks for all your comments especially about the up and coming new Molly Blooms Magazine. I am getting a little excited too and can't wait to actually see it in print.
The end of August is fast approching and Christmas crafting is on the horizon which must mean some new Christmas designs. I have already taught my first Christmas workshop and that was back in July....... can you believe? so when Christmas actually arrives I will have been practically crafting Christmas all year... oh what a thought! Was over in Kendal,Cumbria teaching this weekend, had a great bunch of Ladies in the class and they all really enjoyed themselves and guess what? Christmas was not mentioned once, no snowflakes were punched only pretty flowers were created!Well that all for now, must get on with colouring and sorting washing....................... and definately in that order.
Hugs Clare xXx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Can you believe....................

Well it goes a bit like this, time just took over.... deadlines to meet, workshops to prep for and demostrations to travel too! Nearly 2 months later everything is back in order. Molly Blooms Magazine written, Chritmas Bookazine feature done and Christmas designs along with other designs created.
Was on the verge of losing my sanity more than once, now just need to catch up on some much needed sleep. Finally tied all the loose ends up for the Molly Blooms magazine which goes on sale in September. You will be able to purchase it at your local craft shop .... just hope it sells now that I have written it! something else for me to worry about oh no.......
Its been so long since I last posted so maybe no one is out there anymore, or interested but I will leave you with this make at a very recent workshop. I hope you like it.

Well thats all for now and I will be back sooner than before!
Hugs Clare xXx


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