Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Mother's Worry....

Morning to all out there.
 I have been really busy so have not had much time to blog. I have been getting George sorted to go off on an adventure with 3 of his friends.He's gone off travelling around Europe... well Serbia, Hungary etc, whatever I put in the rucksack he took out and he drew the line at the "Dia Calm" tablets saying that Budapest is not a 3rd world country and that they do have pharmacies!!!!!

Well I snook extra things in when he wasn't looking, which I am sure he will be glad of, as well as a list of NOT what to do's...... So I dropped them all off at the airport and they jumped out of the car all excited and I got a big hug and kiss from George and off they all went........ He sure has grown up! and is having the time of his live.

I on the other hand, am shattered, not sleeping, worrying thats he's remembered not to drink the water, ....... well the list goes on!

Have a Great Wednesday,
Love Clare xxx
P.S. This is what I want to share with you today, hope you like x


  1. I love this, absolutely adorable Clare. hugs Sharon

  2. This is so fab! I love how you make it stand out 3-D style. And I completely understand about George heading son is 21 and I still give him tips on how to get by without me to check that he's OK ; )

  3. Don´worry , Morry !!! One of my sons was 4 month in the north of Spain, studying and the other will go to Kansas/USA, far far away from their mother !!!
    Your tag is wonderful, I love it

  4. Jus got say thanks for a great day on Saturday Clare! And love the door hanger think i'll have a go


  5. Love the door hanger. I've only just discovered Molly Blooms, and simply ADORE them!

    Isn't it funny how we worry about our kids for their whole lives? My daughter's 32 now, and I still worry about her!


    Judi xx

  6. Hi Clare. Hope you get some sleep soon!! Love your tag!! xx

  7. Oops meant to say 'door hanger' not tag!! Sorry my brain is fried!! xx


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