Thursday, 19 May 2011

On a Different Note......

Well first things first,what happened last week to blogger it was really playing up and I thought it was my fault! The out come... a lot of really nice comments that you take the time to send me totally wiped, gone forever, lost somewhere in cyber space.......

Been so busy with a Magazine artical never got round to posting this on Monday. I am so proud of Molly and George and there Grandma (my mum) is even prouder! the Christmas before last my mum was diagnosed with cancer, something you never think will affect you or someone dear to you, but thanks to treatment and major surgery and a strong determination to see Molly Graduate my brave mum faught it and won! Now it was time to give something back to those that have helped saveher recover. On a cold and very wet Sunday last weekend they ran in the Greater Manchester Bupa Run for "The Christie" hostpital who do amazing work for cancer suffers. Molly trained hard and gathered sponsors, George gathered sponsors but didn't train because ... well because
he's George and he can run anyway! He didn't even break in his new running shoes till the run. We all turned out to support them and of course the other 39,998 runners and well it was so emotional, and when they both finished (not together of course George came in first) I was a weeping buckets!!! Even though they ached on Monday and the aching was worst come Tuesday they have been bitten by the bug and have vowed to run again next year.

Now me.... I can't even run to catch a bus!!!





Well thats all for now, I will be back soon to show you something of interset! I just needed to shout this from the roof tops to say how very, very proud we all are of you both.

Love Clare xxxx


  1. Well done to your two wonderful children, you must be so proud, and congratulations to your Mother. I purchased today some of your gorgeous stamps, they are so lovely and wonderful to colour, keep up the wonderful work and I will just have to wait for pay day to purchase some of the Christmas ones - Jacqueline

  2. Well done guys for doing your bit. Glad you're Mum's a survivor. Jx

  3. Oh you must be bursting with pride!! Well done Molly and George - yoju're both stars!! hugs from Mary G x

  4. Well done to your kids Clare, they should be so proud of themselves,and so happy for your mum too, luv GeorginaX

  5. Hi Clare I have been so excited about the feature in the Cards and Crafts for Christmas magazine, For me it's the best feature ever I am a great big fan of your stamps,I am addicted I have collected all the stamps,I have just been to Witch craft show at the Dome in Doncaster I could watch you all day your colouring is amazing luv Brenda Richards from Newcastle


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