Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Good Morning and a big hi to everyone in blog land! Its been busy, busy, busy. I have been over to Weston -Super-Mare this weekend demoing, it was great fun and I met some lovely Characters so a big thanks to Ali and Janet over at Jobo Crafts. Now I am back and its to Christmas!!! I go, which is very hard when the weather is so wonderful at the moment

George it back to sixth form this morning, if I can get him up after the long weekend. I think hes still exhausted after pet sitting for a couple of days, but we did get a text saying could we get some dog food as he had run out!!! now I ask you when you're about 350miles away and the nearest shop to home is about 2.5 miles away what would you do???....  exactly, but no not George, Alfie had a bowl of cheerios, a pear and some toast as I always say...." Brains he may have common sense he has none" oh why, oh why do boys brains work in a peculiar Way?

Enough of my ramblings, cannot show you what I am working on at present, so I will share this with you, but it lacked something big time and it took me ages to figure out what, then I came across the Marianne Creatables die " English Rose"  now I can't stop making them...... but the picture was taken before I added them and the card has now gone... so I do get it wrong!

Before I go hop over to http://ribbongirls.blogspot.com/2011/05/strawberry-molly-giveaway.html they have candy to give away and its oh sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely!

Well I must go to try and wake George again, wish me luck,
Love Clare x


  1. Hi Clare
    Fab card, loving the sheep!! Such a great expression on his face!
    Hope you managed to get George out of bed! I had great difficulty getting my 10 year old son, Harry, up, think he's not going to be much use today at school!
    Debs x

  2. Hi Clare, Lovely card, cannot wait until you are over at the Paperlane again. Expect Alfie enjoyed his cheerios, what did Bingo have, Tuna or Salmon or did you have enough cat food. Have a lovely day. Love Maureenx

  3. Oh my word, I just love these little Molly's. What a fabulous one she is. Hugs Sharon, South Africa

  4. oh just so gorgeous ,another beautifully made card!!
    vanessa xx
    ps getting a 13 year old out of bed for school is bad enough!!

  5. Hi Clare,

    Great card. Molly looks so cute sat on the wall with her washing behind her.

    Love Kerry xxx

  6. wow wee!! another beauty, love it. hope you are ok hugs chris xx

  7. beautiful card Clare love the washing line behind the wall and all the fab detail.
    Hugs Louise xx

  8. That's really sweet Clare.

    Boys brains are definitely wired up in a weird and wonderful way! Its not relative to actual 'clever'!

  9. Hi Clare ... fab card!(but there again, I love all your cards!!) Just had a phone call y'day to say I can come to your class on Wed, as someone has had to cancel ... feel very sorry for her, but really pleased for myself! Love your comments about George .. think Net's comment above is so true .. trouble is that when they do come up with a solution they always think it's the right one!!! Looking forward to seeing you Wed .. love and hugs, Joyce xx

  10. Clare, Julie here we met at Samuel Taylors on Saturday,and it was an honour to meet you!just wanted to say you had a lovely array of cards etc it was all so, so inspiring, your layouts,especially your color schemes and your coloring is to die for. I can only aspire to be as good as you one day. I hope to be there for Christmas in July, and look very much forward to meeting up with you again, if not before!Cant wait to see your next crteations.
    Take Care
    Julie xx P.S Husband was asleep in the car when I left Embsay Crafts LOL we then went to pub across the road, then Fish & Chips at Bizzies in Skipton Mmm - what a fabulous end to a fabulous day! : 0)

  11. gorgeous card,lovely colours and detail.
    I too have a boy in the six form and a dog called Alfie,had to laugh at what you wrote,my son is both clever and daft, the other day he said they have a new Emu, but this is not a puppet ,it works it'self...still laugh thinking about it. It's a good job your dogs not fussy ,my 2 spoilt poodles would have starved.
    good luck with your stamps.janex

  12. Hi Clare
    Lovely to meet you and see your wonderful work at Embsay last saturday. Such beautiful projects! I dont often do cute but your stamps so appeal to me, may have to change the habits of a lifetime!
    (I was with Georgina)
    x Michelle


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