Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mum, Problem Solver and Designer.......................................

Well a big hello, thought I would never be able to do this ...... computers have a mind of their own but I won, I solved the problem and now I can blog again!!!

Thanks for all your recent comments, some of them really made me laugh especially the ones about boys and their brains just glad I am not on my own, but guess what? its Thursday again and he is still in bed (he has been up since last blog) and really does need to be up for school, looks like I will be on the school run yet again. George leaves school in two weeks and will need only to go in for his exams, I really still can't believe he will be off to uni in September, oh what happened to my little boy? I already have the onset of empty nest oh anyway............

I was over teaching at Craftrange yesterday and thought I would share with you one of the cards we made. This weekend I will be Demoing over at Which Craft in Doncaster. If you want to know where I am going to be go to

Well that's all for now, I must away back to.... yes you have guessed Christmas.

Have A good Thursday,
Love Clare xxx


  1. Great card. Love the colours. Sympathise with your George-agony. I have Penny-agony for same reason. Hopefully she'll be off to Bangor (which is blinking MILES!!!). How do they turn into nearly-grown-ups? I would never have believed a child of mine would go to uni to study music. I'm still flabbergasted!
    Lovely blog.

  2. another lovely card, I notice that you are at Sir Stampalot at the end of May is this just to demo or will you be doing a class,hope to come alond anyway as these stamps are so appealing

  3. This is such an adorable card

  4. Beautiful card Clare this is such a cute Molly.
    Hugs Louise xx

  5. Oh Clare, I love your Molly's and am waiting for my shipment to arrive... can't WAIT! Sharon

  6. Hi Clare,

    I love your easal card. I have just blogged a card using the herb seat, but I have sat Strawberry Molly on top.

    Love Kerry xxx

  7. Hi Clare, looks like George is no different to any other teenager ... especially male ones!! You made me laugh when you said he was still in bed .. ! Thanks for a super class last Wednesday .. I love my Molly Blooms and Copics but still need lots of practice .. trouble is, I get so engrossed with colouring, I forget I'm supposed to be making something!! Love it! See you in Kendal, love Joyce x


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