Monday, 15 March 2010

Have you ever seen.....

Today thought I would share with you this card. This stamp from Magnolia makes me smile... not that there's many lilac and green bumble bee's out there!
This weekend I took a little "vey last minute" road trip along with my friend to our favourite shop where we normally have to buy on line because its a long way. They had a small demo day on, so we thought why not. So with Sat Nav Sally in hand off we set at a really unearthly hour! for a Saturday morning. Now normally I like to use a map, but this time I thought I'd borrow hubbys Sat Nav, but I just couldn't but my trust in her and accept that she was sending me in the right direction and had to turn around at least half a dozen times which sent her into a frenzy of rerouting !!! I tell you I nearly chucked her out of the window, this all caused much amusement to my Co driver who couldn't read the map because it made her feel sick!!! now I ask you have you ever heard of a car sick Co driver?
Eventually we arrived at our destination much to my relief, we were so excited to be there and couldn't get through the door quick enough to gaze in wonderment at all the lovely goodies especially the largest selection of ...
yes you've guessed right Copic Sketch Pens and Magnolia stamps I've ever seen. Oh it was such bliss.
The word of my day was to Spend.... and that I did quite easily, and now all we had to do was find our way home, via Grantham to buy a hairbrush!?
Enjoy the card xxx
P.S. thanks Molly & George for a lovely Mothers Day treat at my favourite store!


  1. Oh wow, I just love this even though I am not a massive magnolia fan - I don't like the faces and end up drawing mouths on them if I use them!!! Sacriledge I know. Please could you tell me which Copic pens you use for skin tones as I find that a lot of them are too dark or am I just using them the wrong way??? Also can you recommend a really nice pale lemon which isn't really in your face?

  2. Hi,Claire,
    Just spotted your article issue 71 Simply cards and papercraft, inspirational!!
    Your 'Molly Bloom' stamps are soooooooo cute!


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