Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas... but not around here

Well the snow has been falling along with the golf ball sized hale stones, now its beginning to feel alot like winter around here. No tree up yet, no cards written and not much shopping been done either...and I have that feeling of panic beginning to grow in the pit of my tummy! I have my last workshop of the year tomorrow over at Craft Range in Burnley, then I can concentrate on Christmas and deck my halls with holly! before it all starts again, I have had so much fun this year but I am now feeling somewhat jaded. Thought I would share this with you today as seen as advent is now in full swing, but not in my house I have forgotten the safe place where I hid the tin of chocolates for the calander which I bought ages ago when on offer in Tesco's...

So sorry kids for being a bad Mum, I promise to get organised........
Have a good Tuesday, I will be back soon,
Love Clare xxx


  1. LOL despite whatever planning we do most of us have that 'panic' feel just about now. I love your advent - even if it hasn't got any chocs inside.

    Toni xx

  2. Hi Clare, my advent has choccy's and now my gingerbread boxes have got pride of place on my dresser too. Thankyou for a lovely day at the CraftBox workshop and looking forward to the next one in the new year. Happy Christmas to you and your family i hope its a cracker ! Karen xx


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