Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas ...

Well the tree is finally up and the lights are twinkling, as yet Bingo the cat has not been found perched on the top! Alfie dog has let the side down he just had to have a quick game of footie with a bauble, a glass bauble may I add which did result in breakage and what did he do? well of course he blamed the cat. Missing Molly and George at the moment whilst trying to get ready for Christmas, but George finishes on Friday for four weeks still had no Christmas list off him, which makes for hard shopping. Molly is busy putting up a tree at her other abode, I think she's getting ready to finally fly the nest next year. Maybe it has something to do with the two wedding invites she has recently recieved off friends she was at Uni with.

Still not tackled much shopping, have said I will make a visit to the Trafford Centre tomorrow with Molly, can't say I like the place but I do now need the big shops, the garden centre has run out of things for me to buy! I will probably take refuge in John Lewis for the day, with maybe a little walk to M&S for variety... god men have it so easy at Christmas. David normally starts on Christmas Eve with have you got my Great Aunt Fanny's present yet? which will have been duty fully bought, wrapped up and delivered by then! By midnight on Christmas Eve I will be wrapped up in bed exhausted but feeling very smug that my contribution to the day is done, and well David its over to you... Christmas Dinner for 6 and what do you mean you forgot the cranberry sauce for the turkey!

Thought you like a little insight, but I am sure you would rather have a project to look at. Thought I would share this with you today, one of my last workshop projects of the year. A keepsake book to be added to at leisure, here are just a few page samples but I think it needs some more work!

Well thats all for now, don't stress over Christmas to much ... like I do
Love Clare xxx


  1. This is looking good Claire !! Love the colours you are using, so sweet !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Hi Clare, So glad you have put this book on, it is really lovely, really love the colours. Enyoy your shopping tomorrow and have a lovely christmas. Love Maureen x

  3. Wow Claire, that's fab !!!!

    Peggy xxx

  4. not a surprise how beautiful this is Clare,absolutely wonderful but al your stuff is, have a wonderful xm\s, luv Georginax


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