Saturday, 26 December 2009

A little note of welcome...

...and a very Merry Christmas! I'm very new to this whole blogging lark so it may take a wee while for me to get used to it. But hang on in there and I'll soon be posting samples of my work for you to enjoy and hopefully indulge in.

Christmas has been snowy, busy but very lovely and as I sit here cosily and wait for the family boxing day meal (which my husband is lovingly making-as always!) I'm wondering what the New Year will bring, I suppose there isn't long to wait!

*Happy Holidays*
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  1. Hullo really looking forward to watching this blogging lark grow!

    So far a lovely looking site, well done

  2. Can't wait to see your latest designs Clare, I read the small article in one of the craft magazines and I just love your new stamps, the scarecrow is my favourite but then I love the dog too! Will be popping back to check your blog out on a regular basis.

  3. Hullo - really like your cards. The just a note is fab, did you use copic pens for the Tilda stamp, she is lovely.

    Will pop back and take a look again at your site in the next couple of days. I really like your style

  4. Hi Clare,

    Just a quick line to say well done on the demo of your own stamps yesterday. They are fab, your cards are lovely, when will you be putting the template for the beach huts on your blog site? Just off to play with them now.

  5. cakes and papers25 June 2010 at 07:27

    Hi Clare

    It was lovely to meet you on Sunday, I love your Molly and George designs. I have just bought some and rushing off home to play with them now.

    Are you going to be holding a workshop down here at Sir Stampalot?


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